Our way

We are sailing through the fjords now,but soon we will land on this shore...

 Scandinavian Way OU operates in the Norwegian market since 2006.  Everything started from the cooperation with friendly countries Norway and Sweden. Then our company slowly moved to Denmark and then tried to explore the European market. The Norwegian people taught us how to make the superior quality of wood; nobody else knows it better. 

The Norwegian market can accept only high standards so the cooperation with this country made our company more qualified in the wood production.
It is time to use biofuel which is more friendly for our environment.
We can offer all packages and almost all kinds of wood which are interesting for our clients.
It can be oak, alder, birch. This wood can be in pressed view like briquette or just fresh cut wood or even dry wood with moisture that a client needs.
During the summer period we can offer low prices and when the winter comes you will have cheap firewood on your storage. If you don’t want to make your house cold and uncomfortable, you can call us and we will change it. We are sailing through the fjords now, but soon we will land on your shore and bring warm atmosphere to your place.
For this purpose we have our transport, which can deliver wood to all places in Scandinavia and Europe and of course on time…



Site opened

Our new site is opened now!